Microsoft Campus Agreement 2006 to 2008


The Campus Agreement provides the licensing of specific Microsoft desktop applications, server technologies and Client Access Licensing (CAL) to faculty and staff members of the CSU. Along with the licensing, the CSU also receives Microsoft Software Assurance which covers the products for any new releases that come out during the three-year term of the contract. Work-at-home (WAH) provisions are also included in the Campus Agreement for faculty and staff. Click here for campus distribution sites. The desktop products that have been licensed are:

  • Office Professional All Languages with Software Assurance
  • Windows Operating System Upgrades All Languages with Software Assurance
  • Front Page All Languages with Software Assurance
  • Publisher All Languages with Software Assurance (Included in Office Professional)
  • VStudio .NET Pro All Languages with Software Assurance
  • Core CAL All Languages with Software Assurance (covers client connections only to SQL, Windows, Exchange, Sharepoint, HIS, SMS)

Microsoft software under this Agreement may be installed by using Microsoft Select Program media and the CSU Volume License Product Key (VLK) Installation Codes.

Contract Information

Microsoft Program Title: Campus 3
Customer Name: California State University
Campus Agreement No.: 01C31293
Subscription No.: 6935484
Effective Date: Jan 1, 2006


Campus Agreement: Keith Wandrey
Tom Roberts
Installation Key Codes: See VLK Below
Server License Distribution Campus ITAC Member, or
Keith Wandrey
Microsoft Large  
Account Reseller (LAR) ASAP Software Express, Inc.
850 Asbury Drive Buffalo Grove IL 60089
Direct: (800) 883-0725
Fax: (847) 465-3277
Government Sales Specialist: Matt Radzinski

Server Software

The following licensing for Microsoft Server Technology is also covered under the Campus Agreement and available for use by the CSU in specific quantities. Distribution of the licenses to campuses is managed in the Office of the Chancellor Information Technology Services (ITS). Distribution of licenses is made to campus Information Technology Advisory Counsel (ITAC) members.

  • Exchange Server All Languages License/SA Pack
  • Exchange Server Enterprise All Languages License /SA Pack
  • Host Integration Server All Languages License /SA Pack 1 Processor License
  • ISA Server All Languages License/SA Pack 1 Processor License
  • ISA Server Enterprise Edition All Languages License /SA Pack 1 Processor License
  • Sharepoint Portal Server All Languages License /SA Pack
  • SQL Server Enterprise Edition All Languages License /SA Pack
  • SQL Server Enterprise Edition All Languages License /SA Pack 1 Proc Lic
  • SQL Server Standard Edition All Languages License /SA Pack
  • SQL Server Standard Edition All Languages License /SA Pack 1 Processor License
  • Student Core CAL All Languages License /SA Pack
  • System Management Server All Languages License /SA Pack
  • Windows Ent Server (Replaced Windows Advanced Server)
  • Windows Server All Languages License /SA Pack

License Rights

The attached Microsoft document describes the license rights under the CSU Campus Agreement.

Faculty and Staff Owned Computers

The Campus Agreement also contains Work at Home Rights (WAH). The WAH program allows the faculty and staff of the CSU to install the covered software on their home PCs on which the faculty or staff member is the primary user. CDs for installation of software on faculty and staff home computers under the Work At Home program (below) must be obtained by the University in quantities of 25 CD's or more through Microsoft Large Account Reseller (LAR). Individual Faculty or Staff may not purchased WAH CD's directly from the LAR. A Microsoft recommended faculty and staff acceptance document is available at this web site. rev 1/24/02

Microsoft Select media used to install the software on CSU owned computers may not be distributed to faculty or staff for installation on personally owned computers.

Volume License Product Key (VLK) Installation Codes.

To install the following licensed products on CSU owned computers you will need to use a specific Volume License Product Key (VLK). Office VLK's apply to both Windows and Macintosh installations:

  • Office 2000
  • Office XP Applications
  • Office XP Suites
  • Windows XP Professional

The VLK’s are issued to the CSU for its exclusive use for each specific license purchased. To obtain the CSU VLK’s, send an email to:

requesting VLK’s. VLK’s for all of the above products will be sent by return email.

Include in the email:

Requestor’s Name:
Email Address:

By requesting the VLK’s, you agree to use your best efforts to keep a secure record of the product keys including not disclosing the product keys to any unauthorized third party. For more information about Volume License Product Keys, go to the Microsoft Volume License Product Keys web site.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Information
What does the Campus Agreement provide? The Campus Agreement gives the CSU the right to install and run the covered Microsoft desktop software on all university-owned computers for the length of the contract. It provides the CSU with a specific number of server licenses. It also allows university employees to run the software on home computers under the Work At Home (WAH) provision
Is other Microsoft software such as Front Page going to be available to both students and faculty or will we simply have to buy it as a part of Office Professional? Do you know what the prices will be? Where do we order the software? Front Page is licensed under the new Microsoft Campus Agreement for faculty and staff only. The software may be installed CSU computers and at home under the WAH program above. Students that obtained and installed Front Page (and any of the other products available under the previous Microsoft Enterprise Agreement) before 12/31/02 own perpetual licenses for that version of Front Page and may continue to use it.
Are campus computer labs included in the Campus Agreement. Yes, the labs are specifically included in the Agreement. "The Campus Agreement Program gives you the rights, during the licensed period, to have your users run the software on PCs used exclusively by your users and on PCs that remain in your open access lab(s)." - Microsoft Campus Agreement overview Page
Does the Campus Agreement cover computers owned by Auxiliaries or the computers owned by Auxiliary staff members?

Yes. Auxiliaries and Auxiliary staffs are included in the Campus Agreement.
Are MS-Project and MS-Visio included in the new agreement? No, they are not licensed under the Campus Agreement. Faculty and Staff have access to these programs by purchasing licenses under the Select Program (above).
Faculty and Staff Use
Can I install the Microsoft programs on my home computer? Under the Agreement's WAH rights, university employees may install one copy of the covered programs on a home computer provided the employee is the primary user of that computer, and such copy must be used for work-related purposes.
  • CD’s for WAH installations are special CD’s purchased from the LAR and not the same CD’s used to install on CSU owned computers. These CD's may not be duplicated and they come with their own installation key codes.
  • CD's from the CSU Select Agreements may not be distributed to Faculty and Staff for installation on home computers.
  • Campuses may choose how (and where) the distribution of CD’s to Faculty and Staff takes place. An acceptance document must be signed by faculty and staff when receiving a WAH use CD. A sample acceptance document can be found at this web site.

rev. 1/13/03

Does the Microsoft software on my faculty computer or (as of 12/31/02) need to be reinstalled under this new Agreement?

No. The license for that software is perpetual and therefore does not need to be reinstalled. This applies to home computers installed as of 12/31/02 as well.

rev. 1/9/02

Where can I get the software to load on my home computer? See the listing of campus distribution sites.


Student Use
Can students install the Microsoft software on their home computers? No. A student option is not included in the CSU Campus Agreement. Students that did not obtain and install software under the previous CSU Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (which ended 12/31/02) may obtain Office and Windows operating system upgrades under the new Microsoft Student Select Agreement.
Is there a way students can obtain Microsoft software at discounted prices? Yes, under a Student Select agreement many campuses are selling student licenses and installation CD's to Office Professional and Windows (upgrades). A listing of campus distribution locations is available. If your campus is not listed, contact the bookstore computer sales.

Contract Contact:
Tom Roberts

Last updated: June 19, 2006